About me

Name and age
Joni Huopana, 35
Lives in
Hervanta, Tampere, Finland
Lives with
One wife, two cats
The person
devoted to things
loves to sit back and enjoy
Favorites and intresses
ferry trips, other traveling and accessibility
dark roasted coffee
fish food
Work and voluntary work
accessibility consultant (freelancer) of the TallinkSilja shipping company
writing about attitudes towards handicapped people and disability:
* own site in the newspaper of Finland's pentecostal church
* the disability team of the pentecostal church
* inspired from own life with a disability and as a ventilator user
other articles in various papers and magazines about traveling, accessibility, Christian faith and depression
Other stuff
born-again Christian for over 15 years
has Nemaline myopathy, a very rare neuromuscular condition (less than 30 persons in Finland have this)
Joni's ship photos with almost 900 000 hits