My neighborhood Hervanta

My home is situated in Hervanta, an almost 25 000 people suburb about 8,5 km from the center of Tampere. This place is especially known for its numerous information and communication technology companies (this is Finland's Silicon Valley), the police college (the only one in Finland) and the endless rows of apartment blocks. The first couple of photos are from Hervanta's water tower which is about 50 m tall.

At the center of Hervanta there's a small shopping mall Duo, which was designed by the architects Raili and Reima Pietilä.

They also planned the service/community center of Hervanta (with a library, a health center etc.).

Although Hervanta has had a reputation of being a dull suburb of nothing but concrete, the nature is well present here. Across the street from my home street there's a small lake, the Ahvenisjärvi.

Hervanta has a lot of cycle paths.

Hervanta has also a few lakes good for swimming: one of them is the Suolijärvi.