Collecting ferry stuff

The history of the passenger ferry industry in the Baltic sea has become very familiar - so have also the ships (past and present). I also collect material related to the subject and have among other things:

Scale model ships of Silja Serenade, Athena, Isabella, Europa and Superfast X

Cobi brick model kits of some of the current ferries of the Baltic sea

Porcelain models: Sally Albatross, Vana Tallinn, Frans Suell, Fantaasia, Meloodia and Georg Ots

Pictures: a Viking 3 copper picture, a Silja Europa photo and a painting, a Viking Sally painting replica

Broschures: first presentations of Mariella, Olympia, Silja Serenade and Europa, Wasa King, Silja Scandinavia, Wasa Queen, Birka Princess...

Travel agencies's handbooks, Cinderella ABC, Olympia ABC, route guide from the 1980s, chronicles about Bore I and Apollo III

Quite a few photo albums full of ferry postcards

And also books, memorabilia: among others Frans Suell radio, Wellamo model kit, Svea and Wellamo wall plates, Sally Albatross's maiden trip paper weight, Cinderella porcelain model, Wasa King bottle opener...