My hometown Tampere

My hometown is Tampere. I've lived here for over six years now. On this page I'd like to tell you something about the place. If you're reading this text, chances are that you're not from Finland or Sweden, and I want to present these photos especially for you. Some essential sights are still missing, but I will complete this page once in a while.

This presentation has to start with photos taken from the Näsinneula tower. It's the tallest observation tower in the Nordic countries, and it's situated at the Särkänniemi amusement park area. These photos show views over the center of Tampere.

Tammerkoski is a rapid flowing from a lake to another, through the downtown of Tampere. It has powered a lot of factories over the years.

One of these factories is the Finlayson, a cotton factory.

Another important factory/museum area is the Tampella, a former heavy industry manufacturing area.

The Metso building is a big library, designed by the architect couple Pietilä.

There are many beautiful churches in Tampere. Here are the Alexander's church (1881), the Tampere Cathedral (1907), the Orthodox church (1899) and the Finlayson church (1879).

At the banks of the rapid there's a park, the Koskipuisto. It's a good place to spend a sunny day.

South of the rapid there's the Laukontori, a marketplace that is very active.

The Laukontori is also one of the most busy lake traffic ports in Finland. It's possible to take a boat trip all the way to Hämeelinna, about 75 km away. The nearest attracion is the Viikinsaari island, which is only 15-20 minutes from the Laukontori. The m/s Tammerkoski, shown below, is on her way there.

There is a restaurant and many nature trails in the Viikinsaari.

The biggest shopping center within the Tampere downtown is the Koskikeskus with its 80 shops. Koskikeskus is situated by the rapid, at the other side from the Laukontori.

At the opposite side from Laukontori there is the Ratina stadium which has seats for 16 800 spectators.

At the heart of Tampere is the Keskustori square, and at the side there's the Old church (1824).

The square is also the hub of the local bus traffic.

The city hall at the side of the square is from 1890.

The main street of Tampere is Hämeenkatu, which goes through the center. At the first part of the street is among other things the department store Stockmann.

Also at the first part of Hämeenkatu there's the railway station, which is one of the busiest ones in Finland. It has been the starting and ending point of dozens of my trips. The capital is less than two hours away.

At the other side of the rapid near the Keskustori there's another big department store, the Sokos.

The Tampere market hall is the biggest of the Nordic countries. A lot of good local food and bakery here.

Tampere doesn't have real pedestrian areas, but a short section of the Kuninkaankatu street will do in the meantime.

The Tampere Hall is a big congress and concert center.

North of the center there's the Näsijärvi lake.

West from the downtown there's the Pyynikinharju ridge. There's another observation tower, and many people think this one, although much smaller than the Näsinneula, offer better sceneries. Unfortunately the tower is not wheelchair accessible.

The Arboretum at Hatanpää is a big park and botanical garden area situated by the Pyhäjärvi lake.